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CLI - High-end vOIP termination services

Our Automated Carrier Platform allows wholesale VoIP service providers and carriers to do business from anywhere in the world with Global Operators in our Platinum package. The platform helps them CONNECT, BID, (buy or sell) and offer high-end VoIP termination services to their customers. This wholesale VoIP & routes trading platform helps them generate new revenue opportunities in a stable and secure environment across a huge range of telecom services.


CC - Optimizing Call Center Operations With Advanced Routing Systems

Call Centre Routes give a location by a telephone system operated ultimately, also create a large volume of numbers from phone calls. Similarly, a call Centre or a Route are designed to indicate large quantities of calls by large numbers from operators. Usually, call centres create a pattern as contact centres, allowing companies to provide documents.


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Quick setup & live in 10 minutes
Multiple Payment options
direct access to Operator
Free 2$ Credit
no balance limit
24/7 helpdesk

Our Offers


  • Aggressive Rates
  • Best available in the VOIP market
  • Routing updated in every 24 hours
  • Lowest Cost / Reasonable routes


  • Good overall Voice Termination
  • 100 % Committed for Voice Qualities
  • 100 % FAS Free Routes
  • Supported by premium operators globally


  • Superior Voice Termination
  • Structured for Carriers/Cables/Operators
  • High quality & huge capacity
  • Termination to Direct Operator - Top players in market


  • Customize panels and LCR
  • Choose you required rates yourself
  • Dependable and Solid call qualities only
  • Special and aggressive rates in the industry

We serve worldwide!